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The Photographer

Getting to know the guy behind the camera!

Hello everyone!


My name is Josh, a central Louisiana photographer, and former native to the mid-Ohio valley and the mountains of West Virginia. I moved to Louisiana when I was younger and have made it my home ever since. Not being originally from Louisiana, I have learned to love its unique qualities that set it aside from different places. I tend to incorporate local, with a little bit of personal on every session. I am a traveler who sees many different people, places, and environments that have influences on my views of photography. Being away from family, traveling, and experiencing many different cultures has given me an appreciation for capturing those golden moments in life.


I have been learning, and developing my skills as a photographer since 2011. I enjoy developing with each and every session. Over the years, I have learned different skills from many different artists and made myself a patchwork artist of the people I admire most. My photography style is simplicity mixed with a multitude of different techniques. These techniques are learned from many different photographers whose work catches my attention most. Natural lighting coupled with local settings and personal input are what makes my pictures special to each and every person who steps in front of my camera.


I’ve fallen for the process that it takes to capture special memories and moments for my clients, friends, and family; the moments that are going to be around for a lifetime. I hope that many of you are excited to join me in creating memories for you or your family. Feel free to contact me for more information on my services or any questions you may have. As always, don’t forget to smile!



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